This is a blog I started writing a few weeks ago in the lead up to Christmas but never got time to finish!It is New Year’s Eve now as I finish this off and I feel a bit silly posting something a few weeks old.Thankfully it has been a busy few weeks although I have to say it was a little unusual from a retailer’s perspective.A lot of the shoppers from the regional counties like Waterford,Tipperary and Kerry were absent due to the flooding and persistent rain.The local shoppers who braved the elements were definitely in to spend and this was very evident during the sales when there is normally more browsing done.The rain was probably the reason for this as people were reluctant to leave the warm,dry interior of number 58.The usual share of local celebrities were in for their Christmas clobber and a special mention goes out to the O Hailpin clan and Sean Og in particular as he prepares for his upcoming wedding.Lovely lads the lot of them but hard to find suits to fit Setanta and Aiseke!

This little piece has now turned into a bit of a New Year finale from all of us in here.I am out of here as early as possible as we are travelling to West Cork but the rest of the gang should be here until the end of the day.There are lots of tuxedos still to be collected so try not top leave it too late as the lads are trying to get out of here early.

We would all like to take this oppurtunity to thank all our customers and wish them a happy new year.Roll on 2016 and even bigger and better things!

“Pre- Christmas Blog”


Perched up on our wedding suits floor and looking out through our 150 year old Georgian windows I am really sensing that the pace is about to really pick up for Christmas. The carol singers are serenading  the early morning shoppers from different sides of the street with their jingly tunes. The share boys and girls are fervently rattling their yellow share boxes and shouting ‘support share’ and the loading bays are packed with big lorries delivering the last of the Christmas orders to the traders.

Up until now it hasn’t been the bumper lead up to Christmas that a lot of retailers have been expecting. The weather hasn’t helped and there were two important Saturdays that did not get going due to the excessive wind and rain. Hopefully from today the shackles will come off the shoppers and the proximily of Christmas itself will make them indifferent to the inclement conditions.

As to ourselves inside here we have been our usual busy selves over the last few weeks. We have lots of last minute things to get organised for all the wedding parties that are collecting their suits this week. Some of the weddings take place after Christmas but it is easier on all concerned if the suits are given out as early as possible. The shirts and jumper brigade are starting to arrive in in their droves now. At this time of year a jumper and shirt makes a nice safe and reliable present for the husband, father, boyfriend or such likes. Unfortunately due to the mildness of the weather there will be a great amount of scarves, overcoats and heavy jumpers heading with us into the sale. On the bright side we are still selling suits right through the festive season and lots of Conor McGregor lookalikes have been purchasing tweed and check suits. It certainly is a most wonderful time of year for the retailer as people are propelled into shopping frenzy mode as the big day draws closer.

  Tailored Wedding Suits-Getting the Right Look


Grew wedding suit with silver trim

The popularity of  blue wedding suits is showing the first signs of a slowdown in recent times. There are grooms that are now coming in to us and saying ‘ anything but blue.’ All good things must come to an end and the job of the retailer was certainly made easier by the pervasiveness of the penchant for blue suits. Perhaps we will now see a move back to some of the more traditional colors like grey,black navy and brown.
We are not predicting a swift finality to all things blue and we are of the opinion that it will continue to be popular , just not to the extent of the last few seasons where it has been so far ahead of the other shades.
The story of silver grey was similar a few years ago . At one stage everybody opted for the light grey to the point where it became predictably boring. It eventually ran it’s course but but instead of disappearing over the rainbow it became one of the six main colors chosen by grooms (and still is.)

The classic colors such as black,grey and navy will be popular choices this season and we see a lot of people moving away from the three piece which has become a bit predictable.

In light of these observations , we thought we might put together a few looks that you might consider as viable alternatives to blue wedding suits.We have tried to show all the essential components that make up a real wedding suit.When we dress a groom we take a holistic approach.Every detail must be scrutinzsed from the bow tie to the shoes and the final look should reflect this.We will never dress a groom in a suit without first having a discussion about the type of shoes he will wear.


Coordinate Everything-If the Suit is slim go for a body fit shirt and slightly pointed Italian shoes.

Formal wear has been always been about putting a complete look together and we hope that some of these looks will show that.
Tom Murphy wedding suits can come at a premium in terms of cost but we reckon the outfits speak for themselves.We are grooms wear specialists for many decades and it is amazing the amount of people who come to us for wedding suits and tell us their fathers or grandfathers  got their suits off us too.We are the only store in Cork that specializes in new and bespoke wedding suits for the groom.We hope that this tradition and history will continue for many more decades!


If you are going to go blue try a slightly darker shade this season and experiment with the waistcoat.Blue wedding suit has to have navy patent shoes especially if worn with a strong paisley waistcoat



As an aside we had some great fun yesterday with a portugese couple who came in looking to know if we stocked a certain well known brand.We do not stock it and they were about to leave when I asked them what it was for and they said it was a wedding suit.Knowing the brand in question(it is a good suit brand but not suitable for the wedding look)I led them upstairs to our third floor treasure chest of all things ceremonial.They were simply blown away by all the choice and range of wedding suits on offer.They left the store brimming with information on nehru jackets,frock coats,collared military coats and so much more.They are coming in for an appointment next Saturday and they will be choosing a short round collar style with Navy textured fabric and paisley edges.They were so happy that they popped in and felt that they now had a real stylish wedding suit within their grasp and they thanked me for talking them out of going for an uninteresting,predictable suit!

The Tom Murphy Boys Out on the Town

The Tom Murphy Boys Out on the Town

After much planning and discussing about prospective venues , the Tom Murphy staff night out took place last Saturday on a cold , wet , windy night in the city centre. The chosen location was the Cornstore and after the civilized ritual of the meal was dispensed with , the real party began.
As always , the oldest member of the team , Tom Crowley , had to bne first up to the bar to get his round in. He kind of forces you to take a drink off him and its not a good idea to say no to Tom.
At 5’1″, he might not be physically very intimidating but once he speaks he has the tendency to make you freeze on the spot with fear , so if he tells you that you are having a drink , you better not decline!
As always , Caoimh was the team leader when it came to motivating everybody to keep the fires of the party burning brightly.When he is out on the town he is like a child , giddy with excitement as he plans each and every move for the entourage.
The two part timers Kevin and David had mixed fortunes on the night. Kev was beaming from ear to ear as he got his first proper meal in ages (he has recently migrated to Dublin to live in student digs) and he got a couple of nice compliments about his hair. Someone even told him that he looks like Russell Brand and he was chuffed at that.
The night started out poorly for Dave as he apparently got into an argument with Tom Murphy over matters architectural. For those of you who do not know , Dave is helping Tom design his house and Tom has been the bane of Dave’s life with constant changes of mind and requests for modified drawings etc. Tom got the hump with Dave on the night in question but Dave was riled up and ready for more. Leaving the scene f his first skirmish , he took on a much tougher challenge in the guise of an undesirable gurrier on the street. In fact , the said undesirable was accompanied by a few of his mates and even they were surprised by his how of braziness. They soon backed off when they saw the other member of our team emerge from the shadows , the incredible hulk of a man that is Peter Philpott.Like a police officer with presence and guile , Peter asked ‘was everything okay?’ and the scuts disappeared into the darkness of the night.
Sensible as he is , Peter called it a night at 11.30. With Tom, Dermot and Peter all gone ,the touring party was down to four in number. However , the best four were left to keep the flag flying and Caoimh played host to a superb after hours party!

Inspirational Wedding Suits

Wedding Suits to inspire


SUIT OF THE WEEK is Blue Silk Mix Suit with Brown Edging on the lapel and repeated edging on waistcoat

After Six 2016 Festive Black Jacquard 3 piece suit

Brocade Black in shorter lenght.Also available in other colours.

It is pouring rain in Cork today and it looks like Hurricane Desmond is going to keep shoppers out of the city. It is a pity because business has been ticking over nicely in the last few weeks as it leads up to the usual Christmas rush. Needless to say , the fact that I am writing this on a Saturday is a sign that business is not it’s usual self today.We hope that a sneak preview of some of our After Six Wedding Suits collection will cheer everyone up!
Despite the tardiness of today’s trade , we are not going to feel sorry for ourselves.There is still plenty to be done and the dusters and windowlene won’t be resting in our cupboards today. With eight of us on duty today , the place should be gleaming by the close of business!
Moving on from the subject of miserable weather , I thought it prudent to remind our readers that there are only another two weeks to get your orders in for customized clothing if you want to see your order under the tree this Christmas. On Friday night , another happy customer walked away with a beautiful brown tweed 3-piece royal cashmere outfit. I am sure Mr.Anthony Keoghane of Timoleague feels very special today wearing this beauty( I just hope that everybody made it to the wedding okay as it was due to take place in Kerry where the weather has been particularly bad.)
This morning , I have had two customers complimenting me on our website. It is always nice to hear positive feedback.
It is quite obvious too that we have some competitors who find our website quite inspirational. It probably explains why their site may bear a lot of striking similarities to our own.Recently I noticed a well established Cork company launching a website that had quite obviously been inspired by the structure , content and design of our site.
Moving on from having the customary moan I thought it might be a good opportunity to showcase some of the unique and exclusive styles that form part of our After Six Collection.
The After Six Range is for grooms who want something different. A Tom Murphy groom will always be different because our suits are unique and cannot be copied elsewhere.Our collections are innovative and full of imagination and we invite you to come in and see for yourself!

[capBrocade Nehru Jacket Available in 7 colours Brocade Nehru Jacket Available in Seven colours