Getting The Look right with your Tailored Wedding Suit

  Tailored Wedding Suits-Getting the Right Look


Grew wedding suit with silver trim

The popularity of  blue wedding suits is showing the first signs of a slowdown in recent times. There are grooms that are now coming in to us and saying ‘ anything but blue.’ All good things must come to an end and the job of the retailer was certainly made easier by the pervasiveness of the penchant for blue suits. Perhaps we will now see a move back to some of the more traditional colors like grey,black navy and brown.
We are not predicting a swift finality to all things blue and we are of the opinion that it will continue to be popular , just not to the extent of the last few seasons where it has been so far ahead of the other shades.
The story of silver grey was similar a few years ago . At one stage everybody opted for the light grey to the point where it became predictably boring. It eventually ran it’s course but but instead of disappearing over the rainbow it became one of the six main colors chosen by grooms (and still is.)

The classic colors such as black,grey and navy will be popular choices this season and we see a lot of people moving away from the three piece which has become a bit predictable.

In light of these observations , we thought we might put together a few looks that you might consider as viable alternatives to blue wedding suits.We have tried to show all the essential components that make up a real wedding suit.When we dress a groom we take a holistic approach.Every detail must be scrutinzsed from the bow tie to the shoes and the final look should reflect this.We will never dress a groom in a suit without first having a discussion about the type of shoes he will wear.


Coordinate Everything-If the Suit is slim go for a body fit shirt and slightly pointed Italian shoes.

Formal wear has been always been about putting a complete look together and we hope that some of these looks will show that.
Tom Murphy wedding suits can come at a premium in terms of cost but we reckon the outfits speak for themselves.We are grooms wear specialists for many decades and it is amazing the amount of people who come to us for wedding suits and tell us their fathers or grandfathers  got their suits off us too.We are the only store in Cork that specializes in new and bespoke wedding suits for the groom.We hope that this tradition and history will continue for many more decades!


If you are going to go blue try a slightly darker shade this season and experiment with the waistcoat.Blue wedding suit has to have navy patent shoes especially if worn with a strong paisley waistcoat



As an aside we had some great fun yesterday with a portugese couple who came in looking to know if we stocked a certain well known brand.We do not stock it and they were about to leave when I asked them what it was for and they said it was a wedding suit.Knowing the brand in question(it is a good suit brand but not suitable for the wedding look)I led them upstairs to our third floor treasure chest of all things ceremonial.They were simply blown away by all the choice and range of wedding suits on offer.They left the store brimming with information on nehru jackets,frock coats,collared military coats and so much more.They are coming in for an appointment next Saturday and they will be choosing a short round collar style with Navy textured fabric and paisley edges.They were so happy that they popped in and felt that they now had a real stylish wedding suit within their grasp and they thanked me for talking them out of going for an uninteresting,predictable suit!

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