Top 5 Irish Mens fashion blog-Tom’s Blog gets some recognition


Top 5 Irish Mens Fashion Blog

I have been blogging occasionally here for the last 10 years or so.Usually my blogs are written on a scrap of paper lying around in one of my jacket pockets and then transfered to the PC a few days or weeks later.A lunchbreak or coffee break in the morning usually provides the oppurtunity to scribble down my thoughts on all things sartorial.

This morning I traveled into work a little earlier to write these notes and as we speak I am sitting down on our leather sofa on the wedding suits floor with my sheet of foolscap.

My blogs tend invariably tend to be about mens’suits,tailoring and little things about our wonderful store in the heart of Cork City.Sometimes I wonder why i write them and I wonder if I am the only one who reads them!It can be rewarding when a customer comes into the store and tells you he saw your latest post about custom tailoring or some famous celebrity that visited the store.In today’s world of cluttered internet posts and pieces this does not happen a lot.

With this in mind it came as a lovely little surprise when we were named in the top 5 most influential fashion bloggers in the world of Irish mens’ fashions.Being named alongside such illustrious bloggers as was very nice and gives us a nice little pat on the back and justifies all the hours spent scribbling notes on pieces of paper in coffee houses.

A nice start indeed to 2019 and hopefully a sign of more good things to come!

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