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Part One: Your Black-Tie Rental

Tom Murphy’s is one of the Munster’s premium suit rental destinations. We cater for a wide range of events, with Weddings, Christenings, Graduations, Funerals, Award ceremonies etc. being the most popular. The first in our series of hiring and rental blogs looks at all things Black-Tie, particularly the ins and outs of our tuxedo rental service.        

Hiring/Rental for Black-Tie

Most of us will at one point or another, be invited to attend a Black-Tie event. This means we need to find a classic tuxedo, with all the stylised particularities that comes with it. This can create a problem, while most men own a suit of some kind, (usually one that’s kept in reserve for certain occasions), many do not own a classic tux. So here you’re left with two choices, you can either buy your Black-Tie tux (something every man should own), or if that’s not an option, you may need to hire or rent one.

But how do you go about the business of renting a tux for Black-Tie?

The Process

The first thing we encourage you to do is make an appointment. This is not a must of course, we’re happy for you can drop into our store without a booking. But why not enquire on-line or over the phone in advance, it’ll save you time and allow us to better prepare for your visit.

Once you’re in we’ll take your measurements, tailor for your requirements and advise you on what you’ll need. Once you have selected the various pieces, we will work to get everything prepared, all in plenty of time for the big-event. Our clientele would typically schedule their consultation appointment for one week to ten days before their event. Once measured and tailored, we hold the suit on stand-by for collection, usually the day before, or same day as our client’s event. Our customers will typically return their tuxedo between one to two days following the event. This timeline is more of a guide than a general rule, we fully understand that our clients may need more time to collect and return. This is never a problem, once the timeline is within reason.

The cost of a tuxedo rental is in-keeping with the price range of our other suiting rental options, between €60.00 to €130.00 variable.          

Your Black-Tie Outfit

As mentioned above, many of our clientele are unsure about the do’s and don’ts of tuxedo wear. It is all very simple once you understand the basics  

You will need:

  • Tuxedo Trousers 
  • Suit Jacket
  • Waistcoat (Typically black)
  • A White Shirt (typically with a Doubleor French Cuff; Embroidered Panelling; with a Peeked Collar Lapel

Key finishes include:

  • A Bow-tie
  • A Set of Cuff-links
  • A Cummerbund


Can I Wear a Regular Suit for a Black-Tie Event?

Put simply, no! Not if you want to do it right.  There are several important differences between a tuxedo and a regular or standard suit.

Here Are Some Key differences:

The Material

  • Satin: Tuxedos are typically made from satin. This gives tuxedos a finish that is easy to notice. Some find that this makes a tuxedo look more formal than regular suit wear. 

The Trousers

  • No Belt: You should never wear a belt with a Tuxedo. In most instances, you will be unable to regardless, as tux trousers are absent belt loops. Instead, you would typically wear suspenders or braces. These are only an option of course. 
  • Piping: Tuxedo trousers typically have piping features. These are best described as a narrow strip of satin material extending from the hip to the base of the trousers. Unlike the features illustrated above, piping is more of an option. You can choose trousers with or without this feature.


Traditionally, tuxedos are worn before 6 pm. In this sense, you had tux wear for half the day, your regular suit for the other. Don’t worry though, this is an old tradition that is not very popular today. You will likely only need the one outfit.

The reason for the before 6 pm preference related to the formal look of the tuxedo outfit -something which is not as important for evening dinners or dancing.

Think of it in the context of an Irish wedding. The ceremony (Mass or Registry office) typically takes place between 12-4 pm. After this (and during) it’s photos all round. The best of you will be on display. However afterwards, you can relax – it’s jackets off, neck-ties in the pocket and rested smiles. Hench, no need for that tux

Next in Part Two: Not all Tuxedos are Created Equal

Wilvorst Three-Piece Mohair Tuxedo

The Features:

  • Royal Blue Jacket.
  • Narrow Peak Lapel. 
  • Drop 8 Fit (for a Slim, Structured Cut)
  • Covered Buttons & Scoop Style Waistcoat

Rental Price: €120-€130

To Buy: €599.00

Tom Murphy's Formal and Menswear