Congratulations to the boys from Cork
who were awarded the All-Star status at Friday nights ceremony. It
was a marvellous year for Cork Football and we were delighted and privileged to kit out our heroes Aidan Walsh and Paudie Kissane in their tuxedos for the night.
We chose a Van Kollem black tuxedo for both of the lads as this is a slim fit tux that suits the athletic figure. Aidan teamed his tux up with a black studded shirt and black bow tie while Paudie donned a simple wing collar for that traditional touch of class.
Both lads were kind enough to sign autographs for my son and I have to say their modesty in accepting praise from all the intrigued customers in the shop at the time was greater to see.
We were delighted to see Aidan going on to win the young player of the year award and we wish them both the best of luck for next season.

Aidan Walsh wins an All Star in a Tom Murphys Suit

Aidan Walsh wins an All Star in a Tom Murphys Suit

Paudie Kissane

Paudie Kissane

The new range of wedding suit hire for the 2010/2011 has just arrived in our store and get ready grooms because there are some really exciting piece’s in the collection.

First and foremost we will be offering some of our designer wedding suit range by Wilvorst for hire. There is a stunning three piece suit in a high end black striped fabric and a 100% wool suit slim fit now available to rent. We have also added a lightweight grey suit (also in 100% wool ) .

Some of the new waist coats which we have recieved from our supplier Anthony formal wear , our supplier of designer wedding wear are simply stunning. You can expect scrumtious new pattern’s in ivory, white and silver.

As usual our team of buyers have gone to extra lengths to choose the perfect neck wear to match these waistcoats and there are some imaginative colour combinations to behold.

Classics Cut

After Six 2013

Tom Murphys Wedding

Tom Murphys Wedding Party in Riva Del Garda

OK, so you have decided to get married and you need something to wear for you and for your mates for your wedding. Where to start?How does the whole wedding suits for men thing work?

Generally when it comes to wedding suits for men people hire suits for the groom, best-man, groomsman or groomsmen (up to 3 are permitted), father of the bride and father of the groom. Sometimes, if a parent is not alive, a brother or relative may stand in for the parent. Most wedding parties would have between 4 and 7 in the group and may also include a pageboy.

The wedding party does not just consist of the men, but alas it also includes the women, and as you know lads, we are once again dutifully bound to play second fiddle to their requirements.

“Does that mean that what we wear is determined by what they wear?”

I hear you ask this rational question.Absolutely! Once again in the battle of the sexes, we loose out guys.
If the bride wears white, you wear white my man! If she wears ivory, you wear ivory. If the bridesmaids wear lilac, your comrades in the wedding party will be wearing that colour.
To distinguish the groom from the rest of the party, you can also opt for a self-tie cravat for him, and the rest of the lads could have the same colour but in ties. Usually the groom will have the same suit and waistcoat as the rest of the party. It is nice to have a small difference between him and the rest of the guys, and this is why a different coloured neck piece can work well.

If you imagine the day of the wedding, you will have the groom standing next to the bride, so their colours must be in harmony and the groomsmen next to the bridesmaids so their colours must also be cordinated.
Remember one thing, there are no rules as to what people can wear. It is your day and it is your choice as to what to wear.

A recent trend in Ireland that has taken a leaf out of the continental book, has been for the groom to buy his own wedding suit and the rest of the party to hire. These suits allow the groom to be in a different suit completely to the rest of the lads. It can work well also as long as there is some colour co-ordination present.A beige,white or tan suit can look really well on the groom even if the rest of the party is in more conventional black,navy or grey.

Wedding suits have become a bit de-formalised in recent times and this has seen a decrease in the popularity of the traditional three quarters and morning tails styles.The favoured lenght of the coat at the moment is short and slightly cropped.If you are going for a more “normal suit” look just be careful as this style can be a bit rigid and lacking in the cermonial pomp that the classic styles offer.Spice it up with a nice paisley ivory waistcoat and tie and do not forget the mandatory pocket square.Sometimes the little trimmingsand accessories are what set a wedding suit apart from a normal day or office suit.