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Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a small local business from Cork decks out people from all over the world in their wedding suits. But that is the reality of life in our iconic Patrick Street store. Suits are despatched regularly to all corners of the globe and we have seen a sizeable growth in this area of the business. We have sold off the peg suits from our Internet site into most

But what makes us different to the thousands of other menswear stores that ply their trade in the world of Internet selling?

I suppose what makes Tom and the team so different is the way they take on bespoke international orders and customise the suits without ever actually seeing the person. Some of the clients do fly in for special one on one appointments but generally the customer will engage with us over a number of phone calls and emails.

The first step is generally to try and work out what the customer wants and we do that through an initial phone consultation. One of our wedding team will usually guide the client through the different types and genres of wedding suit looks but generally we find that this type of customer has a really strong idea of the type of look they are trying to achieve.As experts in the field and the authority on men’s wedding suits we do really put huge effort into guiding the client effortlessly into their ideal suit.

Tom usually sends a measurement sheet on that the customer fills out and after scrutinising that there is a bit of back and forth with the customer to see if there are any special requirements.Little details such as choice of buttons and styling options can all be ironed out at this stage.

When it comes to sizing Tom would find that some customers have larger thigh muscles or unusually broad shoulders for example and this needs to be factored in when the suit is being customised. Some of our overseas customers get a surprise when they are asked to send us a few photos of their good selves! The more fastidious folks send us front, back and side shots and even tog off down to their speedo a! No need for that says Tom but it’s better to be safe than sorry and I suppose it helps to make the measurement process even more accurate!

Anyway for now we are preparing for another busy week in here although the onslaught of the corona virus has everybody up in a heap. Let’s hope things improve and we all can work together to get the situation under control.

Millie ordered this suit from Tom and was shocked that he sent it to Germany to her before it was paid for! Old school customer service and giving stuff out on aporo still goes on in the modern world!
Didier the winner of farmer wants a wife France comes accross the Atlantic to get a kilt from us
Star of Law and Order Ron Dizon worked with Tom on the design of a nehru collared white long coat with black satin trimmings
Katy mcgovern and Joel from Ohio loved dealing with us and sent a lovely thank you card detailing her experience. Suit ordered without ever visiting the store!
Rugby player Mark came across the pond to have Tom custom make a three piece suit for him and he had an exact replica done for his little boy!
Sam and Mike were never in Ireland but they had us style up their wedding outfits. Check Jacket for Sam and John wore the reverse so perfect coordination was achieved!
Phillip wears a custom made tziacco in lithuania
Spike o sullivan wears a custom Tom murphy kilt in a world title fight
So many American customers fall in love with our creations. Here is another new yorker that left Tom to his devices and had his suit made without ever visiting our store.
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