Life under Lock down. A note from Tom Murphy

Changing Times

It is now coming up to six weeks since we have had the doors shut in Tom Murphys. After the taoiseachs announcement of the severity of the storm that was coming on Patrick’s day we along with the vast majority of retailers in Cork City took the decision to close the doors before  it became mandotary. We worked behind closed doors for a few days but amid safety concerns for our staff we discontinued this as well.

Needless to say after 6 weeks away from what is our true passion in this life we are chomping at the bit to get back. A lot of work has gone into our website and social media campaigns and the fruits of this labour will bear success when we return please God.

One of the biggest difficulties for our business has been the mass postponement of weddings. All of our bookings for April, May, June and July have been postponed until later on in the year or in the majority of cases until next year. We have a whole floor to store suits for our grooms and the rails on it are getting quite packed with the suits not collected!

Our sympathies go out to all the couples that have had to postpone their weddings as it is really difficult to have to do that. With all the emotion and hard work that goes into planning a wedding it must be really hard to have to defer it to a time that feels so far off in the future.

We made up a little video for all the wedding couples in Cork that have had their weddings postponed and those that are in limbo about whether the event will take place in August or September. We are in the wedding suits business a long time and you guys are the lifeblood of this business so our hearts really do go out to ye.

We do hope to be up and running in a few weeks. There is no doubt that things will have changed when we return and we will be ready for that.We have got our perspex counter protectors on the way and the cases of hand sanitiser are all prepped and ready for when we go back.

We expect to be doing a lot of virtual calls and online presentations of our products when we go back as some people may be reluctant to go to the shops until the dust settles with this whole situation.. Anyways as always at Tom Murphys will be here and waiting for when you guys are back. We look forward so much to seeing ye and we wish ye well. And do stay safe.


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