Lockdown number 3

As of early January we have been forced to shut our doors again for the third time since last March. Needless to say it has been a very strange year with the constant opening and closing but hopefully this will be the last time. It has obviously been very disruptive to our wedding business and we have had some postponements with many couples rescheduling three or four times and now facing uncertainty again with prospective dates for this Spring. Hopefully the Spring and certainly the Summer will see weddings go back to a minimum of 25 and perhaps as the Summer deepens it will go to 50.With mass vaccination on the horizon we really should see a vast improvement in the situation bh then. Of course so many businesses in hospitality rely on weddings to go back to some form of normality.

The fantastic thing about those smaller numbers is that the reports coming back are that there is something lovely about the smaller groups and it makes for a more intimate event!Over Christmas we had a big number of weddings on our books and the reports that came back about thers smaller numbers were extremely positive.

Anyway as always in Tom Murphys we will. Be keeping the bright side out!We are expecting the summer months of 2021 to be extremely busy. We have all of our bookings from last year that have been rescheduled along with a the usual plethora of 2021 bookings.

Our online business has seen us ship wedding suits all over the world for many many years now so needless to say that part of our business has been very important of late. We were the first Irish menswear store to fully embrace ecommerce and our experience of that channel helped us navigate the choppy waters of life under lockdown. We facilitated a wedding in Uganda, Africa just a few days ago and many American clients have recieved suits from us over the last few months.Virtual measurements and facetime calls are nothing new to us and it is something we have been doing with our international customers for many years now.

While we are officially closed we are working behind the scenes to help you prepare for your big day. We have a virtual appointment system set up where we can take you through the styles and colors over the usual social channels such as Facebook and what’s app.Just like the in store experience of ordering your wedding with us the virtual system is very comprehensive and detailed so have plenty of battery power in your phone!

We are starting to receive appointment requests now for this facet of our business as right now nobody knows when we or weddings will be allow resume in earnest.If you are intrested in an appointment please email or send us a message on Facebook.
As always thanks a million for taking the time to read our blog and stay safe

Suits from Tom Murphys going to uganda

Wedding suits on their way to Uganda, Africa

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