Suits for Men Platinum Collection

Platinum Collection

You use your own creative touches to design a suit that is unique to you. You choose from various trousers options such as flat front,plain front,plain ends or turn-ups. Jackets can have one button, two buttons, three buttons or even be double breasted.

Design your suit with no vents, centre vent or a plain black. Experience the joy of creating and wearing a Made to Measure Suit. PHONE NOW FOR A CONSULTATION on 0894381865

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Custom Suits for Men Made to Measure by Tom Murphy’s Formal and Menswear

Tom Murphy Menswear are proud to introduce an even bigger range of personally tailored suits for men. Each piece is made to order from some of the world’s best mills. Cut and sewn exclusively to fit your body.

Tom Murphys made to measure suits for men offers everything that makes individual made-to-measure clothing attractive: finest fabrics from Cerruti to Zegna.There are innovative pure wool cloths with non-creasing wearing comfort. There is also a temperature regulating quality from Dormeuil.
Your personalized garment becomes distinctive by details. Buttons, coloured under-collars, open sleeve vents or sleeve patches set striking individual accents. You will love the result as an expression of your unique personality.

Does a made-to-measure suit say anything about your personality? Of course it does! Firstly, you do not accept any imperfection. Secondly, you lean towards the optimum. Thirdly, you love the small but fine points of difference. In all: your unique garment speaks for you.

Join the growing number of people who are investing in a Tom Murphy Made to Measure Suit.

The process is a two way thing as we measure you and introduce you to the endless possibilities of your creation while you choose everything from the colour of your lining to the type of buttons you desire.