What to Wear on Honeymoon

We are basing these recommendations on a standard two week vacation in a warm, sunny climate. We advise that you should bring the following with you if you want to impress your newly crowned queen. After all we do not want her sitting  sitting accross from you staring at your republic of Ireland jersey and white football shorts and thinking “What kind of a bum did I marry?”.

Evening wear

4 or 5 pairs of chinos. Light colors are best. Cream and beige are neutral and go with everything. They should be light, breathable cotton trousers that are easy to iron as they will get creased in the suitcase. We recommend at least one pair of dark navy chinos as they tend to give you plenty of wears before the need for washing them arises.

4 or 5 polo shirts. The polo shirt is perfect for smart casual wear and can be worn when you are going out at night time.

4 short sleeve shirts. Checks and stripes that match the chinos you have chosen are ideal for wearing when ye are going to the more classy restraunts.

Pair of deck shoes and a pair of fashionable sneakers.

A couple of pairs of dress shorts or chino shorts. These would be ideal for nightime if the climate is still hot and humid

A Navy lightweight blazer for that most important first dinner date

Day Wear

At least one pair of flip flops and sandals are required.It is worth investing in a good pair of each as you could end up wearing them most of the day.

Two pairs of swimming trunks. The most popular are still the bermuda knee length ones although speedos are making a bit of a comeback of late (do not attempt it unless you have sculpted leg muscles and washboard abs!).

A few pairs of shorts for everyday wear

5 or 6 t-shirts. To be worn during the day. Remember they tend to get dirty easily as they can be stained by regular applications of suncream.