Tips on Wedding Speeches


Groom’s Speech

Opening lines – humorous icebreaker,nervous about the speech

Offering thanks – to the guests for attending, to the guests for their gifts, to the brides’s father for his toast and for giving his daughter away, to the mothers for their help, to the priest, to the ushers, to the bridesmaids and to anyone else who has helped.

Remarks about the wedding – what a great occassion it has been, how happy it makes you feel.

The Bride – how beautiful she looks, how wonderful she is, how much you love her and are blessed to be marrying her, finally tell a funny story about her.

The Relationship – how ye met, how did the romance develop, why ye are so well suited, tell a funny story about the relationship.

The in-laws – how you asked for permission, thank them for being so welcoming, reassure them you will look after their daughter.

Your Parents – tell them how good a job they did bringing you up.

Best Man – talk about yere frienship, tell him how highly you think of him.

Closing comments – toast to all yere friends, toast each others future, talk about love and marriage, toast the bridesmaids, toast the parents and toast the bride, hand over to the best man.





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