Dark Brown Jacquard Wedding Suit


Dark Brown Jacquard 4 Button Drop 8 Jacket

Dark Brown Patterned Waistcoat

Dark Brown Trousers


Dream prince look through exclusive cut and elegant pattern.

Our Look 5 impresses with its opulent cut: Attractive, modern 4-button jacket with stand-up collar and fine piping on the front edges meet a body-hugging Drop8 cut, which flatters the wearer. Diagonally placed welt pockets between set fine piping perfectly round off the groom’s suit in terms of design. In addition to the model, the opulence of the outer fabric in particular can hardly be surpassed. Highly elegant, finely patterned jacquard design with a discreet, floral effect and subtle luster in a superficially dark brown play of colors look particularly elegant and prince charming. In addition to the jacket and the waistcoat of the wedding suit in a fine pattern, the trousers and the accessory in plain color skilfully round off the look. This wedding suit goes perfectly with all champagne colored wedding dresses.

With matching shoes, belt, shirt and cufflinks from WILVORST you round off this wedding suit look perfectly.

Wedding suit 421105/63

Jacket & waistcoat Art. 421105/63

Pants & plastron Art. 421106/63