Midnight Blue 3 Piece Tuxedo with Rental Option



New for 2018-Available to rent this suit for 130 or buy for 699.We can produce any color you like in this tuxedo style.The perfect fit of the drop 8 style has arrived.Many different waistcoat options available as shown in the images.

Midnight Blue Tuxedo in a beautiful royal blue mohair fabric.The Rolls Royce of tuxedos is offered exclusively by Tom Murphy in 20 different shades of blue. Here it is shown in shawl collar style but there are 18 other styles to choose from.The waistcoat shown here is the scoop model and can also be done in single and double breasted varieties. Crafted by Wilvorst, the German engineers of made to measure suits, the bold black shawl collar contrasts the all blue jacket perfectly giving it an unique sense of class. In a suit like this you are sure to stand out and turn a few heads but in a subtle and not overbearing fashion.The pictures show the many different waistcoat combinations.Some of these are only available for purchase



-100 percent pure wool fabric by Vitale Barberis of Italy

-Also available in a two piece version

-Beautiful texture for strong wearability

-Italian luxury cloths and precise German production skills

-Black satin lapels contrast perfectly with blue cloth

Additional information

Jacket Size

36 S, 36 R, 38 S, 38 R, 40 S, 40 R, 40 L, 42 S, 42 R, 42 L, 44 S, 44 R, 44 L, 46 S, 46 R, 46 L, 48 S, 48 R, 48 L, 50 S, 50 R, 50 L, 52 S, 52 R

Trouser Sizes

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