Ribbed Brown 2 Button Suit


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Product Reference-Art. 431201/62
Suit 17742 222-2
Art. 437208/85
Waistcoat 40
Neckerchief/Pocketkerchief 0612

Two button suit of high quality in an elegant fauxuni with extra structure and a balancing shine in the colour chestnut. The waistcoat with neckerchief and pocketkerchief is perfectly harmonising with the suit and makes this outfit look absolutely charming.

-Slim notch lapel with AMF-stitching

-Slightly diagonally posed slim flap pocket with AMF-stitching on the edge

-Rounded front edge

-Button hole left lapel

-Classic welt breast pocket

-Side vents Length: 75 cm Fitting: Slim Line


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