Soiree Jaquard Jacket with plain trousers


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Art. 431102/10
Jacket 17452-1
Neckerchief/ Pocketkerchief 0625
Art. 411100/10
Trousers 222
Waistcoat 40

Extravagant combination of a long jacket with 2 buttons in a modern phantasy design in a young interesting look with festive touch. It is combined with a plain trouser. The waistcoat is also made in the plain article. Neckerchief and pocketkerchief are made from the phantasy article of the jacket.

-Slim peak lapel with piping over the rounded front edge down to the side seam

-Slightly diagonally posed flap pocket with piping

-Slightly diagonally posed flap pocket with piping

-Classic welt breast pocket

-Rear vent Length: 85 cm Fitting: Slim Line


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