kilt-weddingKilts continue to very popular as a choice of wedding attire.

There are a number of tartans available to hire in our hire department. Choose from 15 of the most popular kilts.

Favourite kilts at the moment include the pride of Scotland kilt and Flower of Scotland kilt.

Orders for kilt hire are required to be placed at least 3 weeks before the date of the event. We hire and sell kilts and would be delighted to show you the full range. As well as hiring kilts we also offer a custom made kilt service.

weddingsand-kiltsIf you have a family tartan that you would like for your wedding we can have it made for you. We do not rent or sell kilt accessories on their own and only provide them as part of the complete package.

If you have a query about kilts please email us or phone and ask to speak to Mr. Tom Crowley or Dermot.


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