Suit Factor


Upload your photo now for a chance to win a super prize of €3000 worth of clothing!Go to the browse button on the right side of the page and find the photo you want to send us.Put in your email address and your name and a little description if you wish.There is plenty of time to submit a photo of you in a suit or a friend/partner etc(once you have their permission of course) .We will select the top 30 or so entries which will then go forward to the public vote.Some of those chosen may come from late submissions even if the voting has started already.The vote will take place under the suit factor tab on our website.Any problems or difficulties ring the store on 021-4272401 for help.
Voting will commence in just over a month, best of Luck!!

We will be keeping you updated on the competition on our facebook page  so get your friends and family liking us so that when the voting begins you will be in with a great chance.Please be aware that each person is only allowed to vote once for the same person.A contestant may not recieve more than one vote by the same person.These votes if deemed to be from the same source will be voided and subject to investigation, a contestant may be disqualified.



  1. The judging panel shall consist of some of the team at Tom Murphy Menswear.At their discretion judges may be added to assist in the adjudicating process.
  2. When you enter the competition you accept that there will be comments and reviews on public view. Tom Murphy Menswear shall not accept any responsibility for defamatory comments or reviews that are submitted by members of the public.
  3. Competitors must be 15 yrs of age and over and we have the right to request proof of age and address.
  4. The competition is only open to people residing in Ireland
  5. The clothing prizes on offer are in relation to products on our website. It is at Tom Murphy’s discretion if it will be able to offer a product other than what is on the website. If something on our website is out of stock or no longer available then we may offer an alternative product.
  6. The prize on offer can not be swapped under any circumstances for cash. It may be claimed up to 12months after the winner is announced.
  7. The duration of the selection of the 25 best entries and the duration of the subsequent public vote can be extended at anytime at the discretion of Tom Murphy’s Menswear. We reserve the right to alter the rules of the competition at any time.
  8. Anybody participating in this competition is subject to our terms and conditions. Our decision on the winner is final and not open to negotiation.
  9. Public voting will only be taken into consideration after the top 25 entries are picked by Tom Murphy Menswear.The 25 entries selected for the public vote may be increased or decreased by Tom Murphy Menswear.It is an approximation of how many will be selected for the public voting.
  10. We will accept group photos but please nominate one person in the photograph to go forward as the entry in the competition
  11. Please do not upload photographs to our facebook wall as the competition is not taking place there.You may post on our wall and refer to the competitiors’ photos that were submitted but to enter you must do it through the application on our website or by emailing a photo directly to