5. Alex Ferguson – Manchester United


Fegie has been around for years but he has always remained old school and insisted on wearing a
suit on match days unlike a lot of newer age managers. He consistantly wears the red and white of Manchester United with either a navy or black suit. He doesn’t have the style of his Italian counterparts but he definately has the style and he certainly knows how to wear mens clothes well. The pensioner certainly looks better than his biggest rival Arsene Wenger who is normally seen walking the touchlines in a jacket that resembles a sleeping bag.

4. Fabio Capello – England

The Italian who is known for his stylish trademark glasses is only ever seen in designer Italian suits.
To be honest if I was getting paid over £6 million a year by the English football association I would
constantly be wearing those suits too. Capello doesn’t look out of place standing next to David
Beckham in the above picture either, they could even be mistaken for father and son on the way to a
fashion show in Milan with their matching suits.

3. Roberto Mancini – Manchester City


Mancini who has been given the title “the best hair in football management” is another stylish
Italian, although he is best known for his scarf. Ever since his arrival in Manchester his trademark
scarves having been flying off the shelves. This fashion accessory is now a must have for all
Manchester city fans and this has led to his club planning to launch a Roberto Mancini range of
clothing that will include scarves, t-shirts, polo tops and hoodies. Next thing we might see is the club
launching a Mancini hairdresser’s salon…

2. Pep Guardiola – Barcelona


Guardiola hasn’t been a manger for a very long time but he has already won everything with
Barcelona. Pep is another man who knows exactly how to rock a custom made designer suit along
with his trademark skinny black tie and knitted coat. His fashion style has been seen as very similar to that
of pop legend Justin Timberlake. I don’t know how he does it but he gets away with wearing formal
suits while standing on the sideline of the Nou Camp. Some would wonder what Pep wore on his
wedding day.

1. Jose Mourinho – Real Madrid


When you nickname yourself “The Special One” you would want to make sure there is something
special about you to live up to it to the glorified title. Luckily for Jose he has won nearly every major
trophy in football with some of the biggest clubs in Europe and he has a charming fashion sense
to go with it. Mourinho’s grey overcoat has been come iconic, much to the delight of Armani. “The
Special One’s” ability to wear a suit and tie well along with stylish overcoats is the reason why he is
the best dressed football manger.

Michael Murphy measures up to Paul O Connell

Michael Murphy measures up to Paul O Connell

Why would a man get his suit made to measure when he can just walk into a shop, try one on and take it away there and then, and probably pay far less? There are a couple of reasons why it makes sense to go made to measure.

Firstly some men have unusual body shapes and no matter how hard the salesman tries to convince you otherwise, the off the peg suit just does not seem to fit right. Some men have extra big thighs, shoulders or another body part and the off the peg suit just will not work. A made to measure suit means the cutter will shape the suit to make allowances for size irregularities.

Another reason a suit might have to be specially constructed is that the person’s trousers size and jacket size do not correspond to the norm. Many men will have a 40 inch chest but might not be the corresponding 34 inch trouser waist. In fact the majority of men will need significant alterations to one part of their suit as the set of trousers and jacket rarely fit perfectly. The made to measure option means that the trousers or jacket does not have to be hacked and butchered to fit the client.

The range of fabrics on offer to someone interested in a made to measure suit are vast. The colours, textures and pattern mixes are far more interesting and varied then the ready made suits in a store. Obviously it is much less of a strain on a retailer to offer hundreds of styles in a small sample cloth cutting then be over stocked with quantities of unsellable suits. The made to measure cloth books will show styles that are no longer available in the shops or that cannot be sourced easily.

Finally it is possible to have unusual features added to your suit that might not be available to the regular store shopper. Internal linings, buttons, lapels and pockets can all be custom made to reflect the specific tastes of the customer.

What is the suit factor?

This is a competition run on our facebook page and on our website. The public are invited to send in pictures of themselves in a suit by email or by posting them on our facebook wall. The suits do not have to have been purchased in Tom Murphys.

During Christmas the top fifteen as selected by our panel of judges shall go forward to the public vote on this website. At the end of the public vote which will take place over a number of weeks the winner will be announced. As well as getting  2500 euro of free clothing from www.tom-murphy.ie that person will be crowned Irelands best Dressed Man in a Suit. Quite an honour.

We decided to include a little video in today’s blog about how to go about measuring yourself for a suit. All you need is a willing partner who is happy to devote a few minutes of hus/ her time to you and a measuring tape. For a real bespoke fitting it is better to be measured by someone with true tailoring pedigree. However if you wish to buy a suit from an online suit store such as our own then this video will guide you through the process of self measurement. The good looking tailor in the video is our own Tom Crowley. I would like to send best wishes and a speedy recovery to Tom as he is just after a kidney transplant. Remember that most measurement tapes will have inches on one side and centimetres on the other so be clear what measurement system you are using.

First place the tape around your neck and leave a finger space and bring the start of the tape around to meet the other end. This will give you the neck size. Then place the tape around your waist, just below the navel and your size will be where the two ends of the tape meet. To measure the inside leg simply place the start of the tape in between join of the two trousers legs and measure all the way down to the top of the shoe heel.

To get the chest-size place the tape around the pectoral area of the chest and join together to give the size. Always leave a small bit of slack (roughly one inch) to be certain of gaining an accurate measurement.

Finally the sleave length and body length is the easy part. All suits will either be a short, regular or long fit. The measuring tape is barely needed to determine this as a short fit will nearly always be applicable to a man of 5 feet 8 inches and under. Meanwhile a regular fit will be for an average height man and a long fit will be for someone over 6 feet tall. There is a video recording that we have made that explains it all

Measuring for Mens Suits

The Van Kollem Autumn/Winter suits just arrived in store. The most important colours are the charcoal, silver and black in a fine weight wool. The grey suit will continue in popularity because it matches up so well with (the colours of the moment) purple and lilac. A grey suit with a purple shirt will probably be the most consistently sought after look in mens formal wear this season.
The other good news is that Van Kollem has brought down the price of their suits. They retail for €249, which is a very keen price for suits of such renowned quality. Linings for the seasons will be quirky strips with lilac trims. Most of the classic range will feature a stylish second ticket pocket on the front. The fit will remain on the slim side but most of the range will avoid the  ultra slim.
The legs of a Van Kollem suit will be tapered in slightly to give a fashionable look and feel, even though overall appearance will still be classical.

Van Kollem grey suit

Van Kollem grey suit

For some 50 years or so, we have been selling menswear by Magee of Donegal, specialising in formal wear and mens suits for business and special occasions. It is an Irish owned company that employs hundreds of workers in its joint location of Donegal town and Ballymena.

With a Magee suit, the trend and classic colours and designs are brought to life in their world-renowned luxury fabrics to create the ultimate feel good garment. The Autumn/Winter collection is no different and recently a director of the company summed up what we can expect from the latest offering of mens suits.

“Our focused tailored-look and classic-fit suit offer is comprised of super wools and wool rich blends in micro designs, checks, strong and shadow stripe designs in flannel and pressed finishes.

The flannel look is a key trend for AW10, a move away from the chintz look of previous seasons. Soft, brushed fabrics with cashmere touches are a key trend across the entire collection as customers seek traditional luxury.

Regarding the fit- the silhouette is still narrow, tailored and neat. Waists are nipped, lapels and pocket flaps are thin, shoulders are narrowed and trousers are slim. The trims are colourful and made from natural materials.

The trend and classic colours and designs are brought to life in our world renowned luxury fabrics to create the ultimate feel good garment.”

Tom and Grace in a Las Vegas Chapel

Tomand Grace in a Las Vegas Chapel

After 3 days in the cultured city of  San Francisco; Grace and I jetted into the debauched desert that is Las Vegas. When we arrived, we knew we were in for a mad few days. After booking into the Planet Hollywood, we went upstairs into the casino and prepared ourselves for the unknown (I have never been to a casino and must confess that I have no real gambling blood in me what so ever).

The first mistake I made was that I ordered 2 drinks that came to $20. We quickly figured out that no one else was paying for drinks as the bunny girls would bring you free drinks constantly in return for a small tip. In typical Paddy fashion, we milked the system and got stocious drunk.

Because of the tragic death of Graces’s brother, JP, on the night of our wedding in Lake Garda, Grace and I decided to renew our vows in a small chapel in the Las Vegas suburbs. We were picked up from the hotel in a limousine and dropped off at this cute chapel called, ‘A Special Memory’. My designer suit by Wilvorst was clean enough as it was a dark colour but Graces dress was filthy at the ends but I didn’t bother telling her.

Upon entering the chapel, we were placed in a queue of couples waiting to be married. The guy next to me was a young Belgian and he was a bag of nerves. There was sweat pouring down him, and his voice quivered. You’d swear he was marrying Mary Harney or something. He couldn’t understand why I was so calm (I didn’t bother telling him we were just there to renew our vows). It was all a bit surreal but we both enjoyed the experience and if I were getting married again, I’d consider it as a first option for a wedding…only joking Grace!