Bespoke Suits Collection Report for Summer 2016

Bespoke Suits by Tom Murphy

For the coming Spring/Summer season we will be offering an opulent program with regard to style,variety,options and fabrics.We have a newly created offer that will be addressed to an even younger audience.As well as the existing core fits of Classic,Trend,Modern,Slim and Casual we will be offering the fit that that our ceremonial collection is famous for-namely the Italian Drop 8 fit.We have featured this fit in our wedding collection over a few seasons and it has been a resounding success.We are really excited to be bringing this into our bespoke collection for the first time.We have now created a core fit for every body shape and it makes the made to measure process so accurate and results in a far more efficient fit than the off the peg version.

light grey check suit

Drop 8 Italian Cut in Vitale Barberis fabric 564106/25

The portfolio of core fits will be expanded by the introduction of this new 73 cm length coat.Of course our computerized tailoring system will allow for intricate variations on this core body length down to the finest milimetre.This D8 fit is addressed to a young audience and the whole silhouette is characterized by a clearly shaped fit.


In addition there is another innovative bunch of linings from creative supplier Huddersfield.

beautiful suit linings

Huddersfield linings are exquisite

More Beautitful imaginative linings from Huddersfield

More Beautitful imaginative linings from Huddersfield


Matt shiny suits in Electric Blue and Argento will feature.Elegant technical surfaces with a cool grip and nice feeling attributes will feature.Other highlights are bright blue shades in wool/mohair,wool/stretch and 3D optics.The following are some of the highlights of the new collection

561100 Marzotto Super 100-High class business suit in diagonal effect with color guarantee

561101 Super 140-Very fine ,flowing plain fabric with an elegant lustre.

561102-Tollegno Merino extra fine-Very fine modern structured suit with a discreet shine and a lively surface

561103-Very modern younger suit with a technical surface and a matt shine in wool/polyester with stretch

561104 Reda Super 130-Very nice plain in pure wool with a cotton finish and a dry grip

561105 Reda Super 110-High twisted micro birds eye

562104-High twisted businerss suit with structured stripes and very good wearing attributes.


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