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Our popular Waistcoat, or ‘Vest’ first emerged roughly 300 years ago. Samuel Pepys spotted this new men’s garment while visiting Persia (today’s Middle East – Iran, Iraq and the United Arab Emeritus). He noted in his diary that ‘The King hath … declared his resolution of setting a fashion for clothes which he will never alter … It will be a vest.’ The rest is history.

Regardless of its origins however, waistcoats have become an essential staple in any men’s suiting wardrobe. We can see why. The waistcoat allows men an opportunity to accentuate a unique style, to add an important piece to a fitted, well-tailored suit. Within popular culture we have come to see waistcoats represented in formal occasions, including weddings, ceremonies and other important life events. What does this tell us? Where wear them when we need to impress – it’s our job then to help you do just that.

The Essentials


Have a look at our Edison Blue Tan Check Tweed 3 Piece suit.

The Specifics:

    Pele Style
    Blue Tan Check Tweed Jacket
    Rich Tan Waistcoat

Waistcoat Sold separately: €65.00
Full Three Piece Suit: €269.00


Same difference: How to navigate the differences between a suit and a Tuxedo

Both Tuxedos and Suits differ in many Ways

So, what are the primary differences between Tuxedos and suits? Well there are two clear differences,

Satin Features (Most notably in the lapels, pockets and pocket trims).
A tux is the garment of choice for Black-Tie events.

But trends change. In recent years, we have noticed that many of our clients are opting for a tux option when attending a wedding. This trend seems to common throughout continental Europe, particularly in Italy and Portugal. It’s tricky to understand or pin down the reason for this change, but it have something to do with changing wedding trends themselves. In the past Irish, Italian and Portuguese weddings took place within a Catholic Church. This has changed significantly. With a changing venue (almost half of all Irish weddings now take place in locations other than a catholic Church. It may be the case that this is allowing people to change choice of dress and style also.

Regardless of which, we’ve got you covered.

Peak Lapel Blue Tuxedo with Double Breasted Waistcoat

The Specifics

     Wilvorst, Royal Blue 3 Piece Wool Mohair Fabric.
     Narrow Peak Lapel Jacket
     Trousers with Double-Breasted Waistcoat

Three Piece Suit €599.00
Waistcoat: €65.00

Peak Lapel Blue Tux with Double Breasted Waistcoat

Our Mid Grey Mohair Tux DB Vest

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