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The tweed suits section of the Tom Murphy website is attracting more and more interest.




About 10 or 12 years ago a customer came to me and said “I would like you to make a tweed 3 piece suit for my wedding”.I responded with “Are you sure”? as it was a look that was totally removed from grooms wear fashion of the time.
Until recently there were few grooms that strayed beyond the boundaries of formal wear convention but that has all changed now.Call it what you want,”heritage look”,retro look”,rustic look” it is a look that could dominate grooms’ fashion in the next season or two.As usual our boys are ahead of the game when it comes to wedding suit fashion and they will only be too glad to show off the endless fabrics in the shop available for made to measure or off the peg.

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It could be that the blue 3 piece combo will start to decline in popularity and that is no harm because it has been the front runner for quiete some time now.People eventually tire of the mainstream look and checks,tweeds and retro patterns such as hounds tooth represent a point of difference and that is always welcome.Expect to see old photos of your grandfather in the 1960s and 1970s wearing some tasty threads that are back in fashion again.Fashion recycles itself and borrows from themes of other eras and contexts.Who would have thought that a snooty old lord shooting pheasants in his orchard while wearing a green tweed hunting jacket would by today’s standards be considered dapper and trendy!

Brown Check Suit

Box check 3 piece
399 euro

Taupe Pick N Pick Suit

Beige Check 3 piece with burgundy knitted tie

Donegal tweed 3 piece with rust knitted tie

Donegal tweed 3 piece with rust knitted tie

Blue Donegal Tweed Suit

Petrol 3 piece tweed
Available in 8 colours

Taupe Donegal Tweed Suit

Brown Donegal 3 piece
399 Euro

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