Luis our Intern launches our new Instagram page

The all new Tom Murphys Instagram Page  is up now and running thanks to our intern Luis Mestre.

Luis came all the way from Ibiza to gain experience in Digital Marketing and he zoned in on our Instagram presence  or more accurately our lack of presence!

Within a few hours of  starting he pointed out that our old Instagram page was a bit derelict and a new one was needed . Within a few days he had garnered 100 followers and we  have already received an order directly from the USA that was solely attributable to our Instagram page.

On this page we would like to keep you informed at all times of the latest products and concepts that we like to showcase. We want to enhance the activity of the page by making lots of cool images and product shots. We would ask everybody to have a look at the page and try to come up with suggestions for us.We have tried to put a coordinated look on the whole page and we hope that the soul of the page mirrors the soul of the shop.

It is located at

If you have some comments or feedback feel free to mail us directly via Instagram or send us an email

tom murphy instagram page

Luis Maestre at work on the insta page


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