Kitting Out the Man behind the wand

The Man Behind the wand gets kitted out for his wedding

Some kind words came from Oisin Ryan who is a well known blogger and wedding planner.Tom happened to see a few Instagram posts by Oisin of his wedding day and he recognized the suit he was wearing as being from the exclusive Prestige collection available exclusively at Tom Murphys.Oisin kindly sent in a few pictures and said we could throw them up on our own blog.He was gushing in his praise of Alex who helped Oisin design a beautiful printed jacket that was exuberant and perfect for the big day.

The Prestige collection for 2019/20 is not for the faint hearted.As always Prestige suits tend to be made from glossy silk textures and the shape and silhouettes are extravagant.Golden pipings are visible on the shoulders but can be removed too.Stand up collars,ornamental buttons and longer than average coat lengths give the collection a formal elegance that is not present in other wedding suit collections.

Thanks to the stunning vision of the Prestige design team Tom and the lads have been creating numerous pieces for well known people across the globe for the last decade.One of the things that customers really seem to like is the involvement they have in choosing the style and fabric of their wedding suit.It can be time consuming for our wedding team when engaging with international clients as everything has to go back and forth in emails and skype chats but we generally get there in the end.When they are presented with the stunning array of sketches it can be a bit overwhelming at the start but generally the team in here can whittle it down to the client’s most obvious peferences.Anyhow we hope that 2019/20 sees more glowing reviews of our custom made wedding suits expereience similar to the one below

“Where to start. Well if your looking for a wedding suit start here. It’s clear to see this is a family business from generation to generation, it’s like stepping back in time to excellent customer service. We had our wedding suits bespoke to us and from the minute we arrived Alex knew exactly what we wanted. He was on hand every step of the way from picking the style, fittings and alterations to the day we collected them. Thanks so much for an amazing experience Alex and all in Tom Murphy’s”

Oisin Ryan

The Man Behind The Wand



bespoke suit oisin ryan

The Man behind the Wand Oisin in his bespoke Prestige Suit

prestige wedding suit

Prestige Bespoke Suits exclusively available at Tom Murphys

Printed wedding Suit

Tom Murphys Prestige 2019


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