Made To Measure Suits-It’s all in the details!

Herren Mode nach MaßHave you got a favourite colour that you would like to incorporate into your clothing?In association with our German partners in fashion Wilvorst we are offering a myriad ways of styling something really special for your wardrobe.You can hide it away on the inside of the garment as an under collar or a monogram with some wording that means something to you or you can be bold and showcase it on the button hole(s)of your lapel or have it threaded through your sleeve button holes.Some of the pictures below show an orange theme that is only one of about 30 colour combinations that we offer!You can mix and match or opt for daring contrasts between vivid vibrant linings and inner motifs and cooler hues on the outside.

orange threading

Orange threading on button holes and orange initialing on the sleeves.

Herren Mode nach Maß


With our made to measure range you can dream up anything you want.We aim to bring traditional mens’ tailoring to new levels of sophistication and there are no limits to what you can do!

You can coordinate the button colours with your choice of lining and threads too.

Blue suits with blue trimming tones

Blue `check suits with blue trimming tones from our 2015 collection


Blue Speckled Lining number 96 is one of 300 lining choices.

Customisation is fun and interactive and there are no limits to what you can do!

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