The Perfect Suit starts with the Perfect Jacket

Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke tailoring all starts with the jacket.Achieving  the perfect fit is the responsibility of the tailor but the styling and detailing of the coat is down to the customer.It is a two way process with interactive feedback between the two parties.To simplify things we have tried to show some of the main decisions you will need to make.

The first choice is the basic shape/structure of the garment.Will it be single or double breasted?Will the suit jacket have peaked lapels or notch ones?How many buttons will the coat have?
pockets 8




Other big decisions which our tailoring team will encourage you to make are the type of stitching you want on the lapels.A standard finish will have no AMF detailing while a more adventurous taste might choose coloured stitching in a bold 6 mm stitch.Colours on offer include pastel shades such as blue,pink and lilac.




On Screen Avatar

We can help you create the suit of your dreams with our on screen Avatar.Simply key in the fabric of your choice and add all the features you like and you will see your creation appear on screen.


There are plenty of decisions to be made on sleeves as well. Colored threading can be offered here too or the actual button holes themselves can be themed to match with linings and under collars.
b buttons

Jacket Interior

The interior of the garment must never be neglected and there are all sorts of finishes available.Monograms and initialing are a current trend and extra zip pockets are another feature that tend to be popular.You may be a man that likes to keep his documents safe and can request a hidden pocket for that puropse.
pockets 78 11009934_790588694311293_6647622202738541156_n                                                       One of our favourite details are always the chosen pocket style.Everything from single and double ticket pocket to straight flap pockets can be requested.An expected trend for the coming season will be the patch pocket combination which gives a retro feel to contemporary tailoring.
pockets 2

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