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BUTTON 2 WITH PEAK LAPEL It makes the jacket look more elegant. Due to the deep opening it stretches the upper body and fits perfectly to elegant occasions.


DOUBLE BREASTED The double breasted suit is not old-fashioned anymore. Sporty and shaped it is experiencing its trendy comeback at the moment.

Beautiful suit jackets are something that all gentlemen can include in their wardrobe for Summer time dressing up.Our tailoring team can point you in the direction of some of the most beautiful and luxurious fabrics imaginable.Ermengildo Zegna,Cerrutti and Dormieul offer opulent materials in our swatch books that will turn heads when you go out for any occasion.Even grooms are opting for a nice semi formal sports jacket with a pair of cream chinos for that trendy continental look.Team it up with a scarf or cardigan for a dapper,well thought out image that projects an aura of calm and intelligence.Our tailors will give advice on the core style that suits you best.Single or Double breasted?One button,two button or three button?Slanted single flap pockets,patch pockets or double ticket pockets?

Dressing up should be fun.This is where the tailor comes in to provide assistance and point you in the right direction as to what looks best on you.A man with a corpulent frontage is deluding himself if he thinks a three button suit will enhance his appearance.An expert tailor can advise on what works best and how it will look on your body.


Our motto is”Tailoring is fun”.It should be as exciting for the customer as it is for us.We love to design something really special that is a result of your imagination and ours coming together and agreeing on a design and look that will be unrivaled and unique.


For more information on our unique personal tailoring service contact Tom on 0831762992 or Eoin at 0877759709.







3 BUTTON JACKET The 3 button jacket makes one look more individual

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