Real Wedding Suits are Back!


Thankfully the uninspiring grooms wear trends of the last season or two are seeing some changes..The stereotypical charcoal,blue or black three piece suit became popular for wedding attire a few seasons ago and has resulted in some uninspiring choices for grooms all across the nation.This de-formalisation of groomswear was a reaction to the preceding years of formal wear being totally seperated from day suits and “ordinary suits”.Fashion comes and goes in cycles and when one trend ends the next one often pitches itself in stark contrast to it’s predecessor.In the good old days Specialist formal wear stores stocked Edwardian,Victorian and Nehru frock coats and a groom had to visit such a store to get his wedding suits.Suit shops sold suits for work and special occasions and formal wear stores looked after the wedding side of things.The boundaries between the different type of suits have been blurred in recent times and this has had its advantages and disadvantages.There is a great range of wedding suits in the current market but in the last six or so months we have noticed a desire among grooms for something different-something really special,something that stands out.Our 2015/16 collection of Tziacco suits is for the groom who wants






something different.We are moving away from the mundanity of the ubiquitious 3 piece suit and going in the direction of the avant-garde.Imaginative trimmings and stunning waistcoat contrasts are reminiscent of the halycon days of formal wear when a wedding suit was ceremonial and stylish.



Glitzy jackets,cermonial neckwear and luxurious trimmings ensure a look of opulence and taste.To see the full range come and visit our showroom in Patrick Street.

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