Wedding Suits with a Difference

Wedding Suits with a difference
As Summer approaches we notice something wonderful in the world of grooms wear.Formal wear is back with a bang and more and more grooms are dressing up with pomp and cermony in mind.The fact that is,that it has become more common for a groom to dress differently to the rest of the party and this has given the main man more liberties with his own dress code.As a bridegroom’s suit is no longer constrained by the demands of the uniform look we expect this season to be full of colour,fun and intricate detailings.


Grandfather shirt,textured blue collared coat with midnight blue waistcoat and cravat


Do not settle for the ordinary,mundane suit.Look for something different.See the cermonial buttons and the decorative waistcoat and tie.


Classic suits need a lift.Choose something to style up a classic suit.Beautiful paisleys are back in vogue!

Wedding Suits with a difference
As readers of this blog will know we love to encourage our grooms to step outside the boundaries of conformity and be bold and experimental in their pursuit of sartorial perfection.Why not have ornamental buttons on the waistcoat and jacket.This gives a cermonial look to the suit and tells everyone that “this is no ordinary suit”.The waistcoat is another oportunity for adding some colour and gloss to the outfit.Paisleys,jaquards and diamante patterns in midnight blue,mochas and sparkling silvers raise a wedding suit to new levels.Ask for the waistcoat in  different styles too such as shawl collar,notch lapels or double breasted.Do not be afraid to ask for something different.Continental style plastrons and cravats are so nice and make a welcome differential from the homogonous three piece suit and generic tie.Whatever you do ,do not let a slick salesman talk you in to going for the uniform look (because this is all his/her store offers)as you are likely to see the same outfit on every groom in town.The problem that faces today’s groom is often down to the fact that ordinary menswear stores are trying to “muscle in” on the wedding suit scene as they percieve it to be easy money.These types of stores have little experience in the traditional focus of grooms wear and the choice on offer tends to be limited and lacking in imagination.




Do not settle for the ordinary.inside linings can be coordinated with neck pieces for extra extravagance

Let The Groom Stand Out
A huge amount of wedding parties are styling the groom in a different suit to the rest of the group.Formal wear specialists like ourselves can offer the best advice and help you to pick out the suit of your dreams.We will help to coordinate your look with the others by finding a reverse theme tie or waistcoat or we will come up with something imaginative.Just this morning we had two gay lads where one guy had a charcoal suit with silver waistcoat and the other had the same silver fabric done in a suit and the charcoal in a waistcoat.Juxtaposing styles,materials,colors and looks are our speciality and we take pride in offering something that is unique and different.


For the really adventurous choose a jaquard or paisley jacket

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