Groom’s Suit-Groomed to Perfection


Article 442100/26 in gunmetal grey and dazzling silver waistcoat.Available Ex Stock from Tom Murphys .Complete Outfit 699 Euro

!t’s all in the Lapels-Why not move away from traditional form and opt for a piece of contemporary,sartorial art.Lapels that are different are a way of distinguishing your groom’s suit from the multitudes.Beautiful,decorative piping and lapel trimmings will turn your suit into a once off masterpiece.Choose anything you want from notch lapels to narrow or wide peaks and add any color piping.Pockets can have the pockets trimmed to match as well.


Article 421101/31 Navy Silk Finish Custom Made at Tom Murphys.Full Outfit 729 Euro


Chocolate brown Article 421101/60.Full Outfit 699 Euro

Colorful Fun Waistcoats
The waistcoat is another detail which is so important to the overall look of a groom’s suit.Most of our suits come with a matching three piece option or a fancy style that is of a similar color.If the later is chosen it is recommended that the same color tone is used and our fabric sequences will help to make this choice easy.We expect more grooms to start opting for our color sequencing service as it makes the overall look more effective.

baby blue suit

Powder Blue Suit with matching waistcoat

Baby Blue Suit with matching waistcoat and french plastron.Price from 699 Euro

Baby Blue Suit with matching waistcoat and french plastron.Price from 699 Euro

Color trending and toning
We like to think of ourselves as Ireland’s leading wedding suit specialist store.It is one of the reasons why grooms travel from far and wide to shop for their wedding suits with us.As well as our fabrics and brands being just that bit better,we have a very scientific approach to color coordination and outfit selection.If you want to experience a taste of our holistic approach to wedding attire just pop us an email or make a booking via the appointment form on our website.

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