Does the Groom go Different?

How to Distinguish the Groom

People ask me every day of the week-“How do you distinguish the groom from the rest of the party”?.In the old days it was pretty straight forward when the groom wore a cravat and everyone else dressed in the same outfit with a tie.To say things have become a little nuanced in contemporary grooms wear is an understatement.Here in Tom Murphys we like to think we cover all the angles.Some of our grooms dress in a different color suit entirely or maybe opt for a waistcoat and tie/plastron in a different colour.(Please try not to listen to the ill advised words of salesmen in regular suit shops when they tell you cravats are a thing of the past-nothing could be further from the truth!).

after six suits

Groom and Best Man wearing different outfits from our After Six Collection.Groom in Navy 3 button Article 441200/35 and Best Man in Black one Button Article 452100/10


groom in dicky bow

Groom can wear a dicky bow and the best man/groomsmen wear ties.(All looks from our After Six Collection)

There are no rules
The only rule now is there are no rules.We are seeing more and more wedding parties where the suits are being mixed up ,with the groom going for something different from the rest of the party.In Ireland we are cautious by nature and we like to keep the colors similar and keep the connection strong between the main man and his teammates!If you fancy this you could go for a suit that is a similar color but maybe a bit bolder or more extravagant.The lads can have ties to match the bridesmaids and groom can turn to ivories/champagnes to acessorise his ensemble.We are seeing lots of parties with blue on the groom and a similar but slightly more subtle shade on the rest of the group.


Dark waistcoat and plastron on the groom and silvers on the lads to differentiate.Remember a nice wedding waistcoat helps make a suit look really special.


Continental Look
If you feel like being very brave and adventurous you could instruct the group to all wear different suits.It is becoming more common for the bridesmaids to mix and match so that option is there for the men too.It is not unusual at all on the continent for this.If you are doing this try to establish some kind of connection between the outfits.All the suits could come from the same collection by the one designer.Our Wilvorst suits come in Prestige,After Six and Tziacco collections so we would recommend choosing one to form the basis of your look.Our sales team are all formal wear experts and can really help and guide you.For more information or to book a consultation phone us now on 0214272401



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