Spike goes in for the Kilt


Gary Spike O Sullivan was the pride of Cork and Ireland as he landed a knockout blow to floor Melvin Beracourt and win the WBA NABA title in Boston a few weeks ago.Spike caused a sensation when he came out into the ring wearing a kilt supplied by none other than ours truly Tom Murphy Menswear.When he came into the shop he was kitted out in the full tartan works by Dermot who is our resident kilt expert.Between the two of them it was decided that the pride of Ireland was the most appropriate kilt for Spike to wear for the title fight(Only Dermot and Spike were privy to the fact that the kilt would actually be worn in the fight itself!).There was a buzz of excitement in the shop the day Spike came in and he was incredibly generous in posing for photographs with customers and staff alike.As to the fight itself the champ didn’t take long to despatch Beracourt-some four minutes to pulverise the hapless Central American and stake his claim to fight one of the big boys in world boxing.It is starting to look increasingly likely that Spike will be fighting either Andy Lee,Goloshny or Chis Eubank junior next.


Spike gets ready for war in his pride of Ireland kilt supplied by our Dermot



spike o sullivan in kilt

Spike floors his Melvin Beracourt with a knockout punch

Spike wearing his Pride Of Ireland Kilt supplied by Tom Murphy Menswear

Spike wearing his Pride Of Ireland Kilt supplied by Tom Murphy Menswear

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