More Talk about Men’s Waistcoats

Men’s Waistcoats

One of our signature strengths rests in our expertise regarding the perfect waistcoat. We have a strong, multi-faceted collection of styles of men’s waistcoats all draw from the major European fashion houses.

But what exactly makes the perfect men’s waistcoat, how are they to be worn, and importantly, with what accessories? what occasions lend themselves best to the wearing of a waistcoat?

The answers to these questions will largely depend on the occasion you are dressing for. Weddings, Christenings, Graduations, all the major rites-of-passages in life will call for a different style, or more specifically allow for greater choice.

‘Is it for four weddings or a funeral?’

Our wedding collections are expansive, we have a diverse and broad range of options, all matched in their quality and standard of cut. We’re quite the experts, and because of this we notice trends, how they develop and change. One thing seems to stand true however, wedding waistcoats are all about texture, patterns and most notably, colour.

Our clients tend to choose options that are bright, light and optimistic, whites, shades of ivory, or white gold.We also see increased popularity in silver, grey, burgundy with check styled textures.

This piece is from our exclusive Gibson London Wedding Collection.It shows a classic 3 piece suit with matching waistcoat.This look is still very popular although some might find the all in one look a little uninspiring.

The key features of this vest include: 

  • Single Breasted Two Button Jacket
  • Notch Lapel
  • 4 Button Cuff
  • Straight Pockets
  • Side Vents

This piece forms part of our exclusive Gibson London Melange 3 Piece Suit







Light cut Grey summer suit, contrasting details, featuring bold Maroon lining.



Not all waistcoats are created equal, especially pieces in use for your seminal life events such as weddings. A correct choice can add a unique tint to your style personality, adding an individualistic stand-out moment to your refined, formal and professional fit.We have put together some contrast waistcoat options below.The ivory embroidered piece reached its heyday about a decade ago and sits easily inside a grey or navy suit.Still popular with classically themed weddings we have a myriad of similar styles in our showroom.


This exclusive Wilvorst piece is a masterpiece of detail, set in a high-quality, off-white ecstatic embroidery. 110.00

Its key features include:

  • Practiced fit
  • Four Lined buttons
  • Reverse comprised from the highest-quality lining with variable buckle-brace
  • Diagonally posed welt pocket
  • Classic voluminous neckerchief


Below are some casual waistcoat options that are typical of a more relaxed style.They can be worn with jeans or chinos.


Option 1: Wedding Waistcoat: Gibson London, Grey Check, Linen-Blend Waistcoat  

Option 2: Gibson London, Eclectic Urban Waistcoat: Five Button Check Tweed











Option 3: Gibson London, Burgundy Oxblood Wool Blend 












Another style is the semi formal waistcoat look.

Irish graduations and weddings are littered with celebrations, something we tend to do quite well. One of the staple pieces of these events relates to suiting – often the first time some of us will wear this formal attire. It is rarely the last. Dressing for a graduation gives you a wonderful opportunity to find your own ascetic voice, your taste and look. Don’t see a waistcoat wasted, choose something personal, individualistic and importantly make it your own.For some people a three piece suit is the right look for a graduation and the waistcoat is exactly the same as the suit.For others a contrast vest is the way to go.Below is an example of this from one of our recent collections.



Option 1: Benetti Three-Piece: Hogan Petrol Blue Stripe Check

Waistcoat (Autumn/Winter, 2016 ‘Getaway’ Collection)






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