When it comes to Wedding Suits the Times they are a changin!

The Way We Dress Now
Fashion is a living thing. It develops, evolves and modifies itself in much the same manner as a country or society does. People change, their world changes and so too do their choices. We can see these changes manifest in two ways

1.The changing ways in people get married, including what
2.One chooses of what to wear on the big day.

Did you know? The way we marry now
Did you know that Irish people are getting married later in life, often in venues outside of the church? In this past, people tended to marry in their early to mid-twenties. Today, the average age stands at 35. We have also noticed over the years, that many of our clients are getting married in places other than the parish church. They typically tie the knot in registry offices, hotels and/or other secular venues.

Take a quick look at the data from the Central Statistics Office (COS). Of the 22,021 marriages that took place in 2017, just under half, 10,802, took place in registry offices, hotels and other secular settings. Of this 1,727 were officiated by the Humanist Association of Ireland, with a further 1,159 weddings being conducted by The Spiritualist Union of Ireland. That same year, the number of civil weddings stood at 6,417.The growth of a more casual type of ceremony has meant the emergence of a more casual style of wedding suit as seen below.

Benetti’s 2018 Autumn Winter Getaway Collection

Maradonna Grey Check 3 Piece Suit

Maradonna Grey Check 3 Piece Suit

Maradonna suit available from Tom Murphy

Key Features

Grey with Navy Check
Blue Waistcoat
Blue Trousers €275.00

Something Olde, Something New.On the other end of the scale is a more formal look that we see regularly.
Ireland’s recent move towards greater social and cultural inclusion has allow us the privilege of kitting-out our friends in the LGBT community. We find that our LGBT clients look for diverse and complementary suiting options, often grooms men dress suits which match and complement one another.


formal suit for gay couple

More formal approach to suiting favoured by many gay couples

Did you know? A significant majority People continue to opt for in-store sales when it comes to suits.We offer wedding suits for sale all over the world via our online channels but at the end of the day most customers still visit the store.

Figures released by Retail Ireland suggest that by the end of year, consumers are expected to spend over €16 billion on on-line purchase. This will be an increase of approximately 50% from last year. While e-commerce spending is on the increase, this still only makes up 10% of all purchases. What does this tell us?

Irish people continue favor direct person to person sales
The increase in overall sales significantly relates to in-store purchases, not on-line transactions.

This suggests that people still want to consult a sales person before spending.The wedding suits experience is particularly hands on.In a store such as our own where creativity and uniqueness is prioritized

white suit

Well known American Actor Ron Dizon organized his custom wedding suit with Tom without ever visiting the store

ed we do recommend face to face consultations.However we have many couples who skype in measurements and do virtual fittings with us from the other side of the world.Sometimes when you are set on your dream suit and nobody else can help you create it then you may have to do without the luxury of visiting our store!


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