The Tom Murphy Boys Out on the Town

The Tom Murphy Boys Out on the Town

After much planning and discussing about prospective venues , the Tom Murphy staff night out took place last Saturday on a cold , wet , windy night in the city centre. The chosen location was the Cornstore and after the civilized ritual of the meal was dispensed with , the real party began.
As always , the oldest member of the team , Tom Crowley , had to bne first up to the bar to get his round in. He kind of forces you to take a drink off him and its not a good idea to say no to Tom.
At 5’1″, he might not be physically very intimidating but once he speaks he has the tendency to make you freeze on the spot with fear , so if he tells you that you are having a drink , you better not decline!
As always , Caoimh was the team leader when it came to motivating everybody to keep the fires of the party burning brightly.When he is out on the town he is like a child , giddy with excitement as he plans each and every move for the entourage.
The two part timers Kevin and David had mixed fortunes on the night. Kev was beaming from ear to ear as he got his first proper meal in ages (he has recently migrated to Dublin to live in student digs) and he got a couple of nice compliments about his hair. Someone even told him that he looks like Russell Brand and he was chuffed at that.
The night started out poorly for Dave as he apparently got into an argument with Tom Murphy over matters architectural. For those of you who do not know , Dave is helping Tom design his house and Tom has been the bane of Dave’s life with constant changes of mind and requests for modified drawings etc. Tom got the hump with Dave on the night in question but Dave was riled up and ready for more. Leaving the scene f his first skirmish , he took on a much tougher challenge in the guise of an undesirable gurrier on the street. In fact , the said undesirable was accompanied by a few of his mates and even they were surprised by his how of braziness. They soon backed off when they saw the other member of our team emerge from the shadows , the incredible hulk of a man that is Peter Philpott.Like a police officer with presence and guile , Peter asked ‘was everything okay?’ and the scuts disappeared into the darkness of the night.
Sensible as he is , Peter called it a night at 11.30. With Tom, Dermot and Peter all gone ,the touring party was down to four in number. However , the best four were left to keep the flag flying and Caoimh played host to a superb after hours party!

Wedding Suits to inspire


SUIT OF THE WEEK is Blue Silk Mix Suit with Brown Edging on the lapel and repeated edging on waistcoat

After Six 2016 Festive Black Jacquard 3 piece suit

Brocade Black in shorter lenght.Also available in other colours.

It is pouring rain in Cork today and it looks like Hurricane Desmond is going to keep shoppers out of the city. It is a pity because business has been ticking over nicely in the last few weeks as it leads up to the usual Christmas rush. Needless to say , the fact that I am writing this on a Saturday is a sign that business is not it’s usual self today.We hope that a sneak preview of some of our After Six Wedding Suits collection will cheer everyone up!
Despite the tardiness of today’s trade , we are not going to feel sorry for ourselves.There is still plenty to be done and the dusters and windowlene won’t be resting in our cupboards today. With eight of us on duty today , the place should be gleaming by the close of business!
Moving on from the subject of miserable weather , I thought it prudent to remind our readers that there are only another two weeks to get your orders in for customized clothing if you want to see your order under the tree this Christmas. On Friday night , another happy customer walked away with a beautiful brown tweed 3-piece royal cashmere outfit. I am sure Mr.Anthony Keoghane of Timoleague feels very special today wearing this beauty( I just hope that everybody made it to the wedding okay as it was due to take place in Kerry where the weather has been particularly bad.)
This morning , I have had two customers complimenting me on our website. It is always nice to hear positive feedback.
It is quite obvious too that we have some competitors who find our website quite inspirational. It probably explains why their site may bear a lot of striking similarities to our own.Recently I noticed a well established Cork company launching a website that had quite obviously been inspired by the structure , content and design of our site.
Moving on from having the customary moan I thought it might be a good opportunity to showcase some of the unique and exclusive styles that form part of our After Six Collection.
The After Six Range is for grooms who want something different. A Tom Murphy groom will always be different because our suits are unique and cannot be copied elsewhere.Our collections are innovative and full of imagination and we invite you to come in and see for yourself!

[capBrocade Nehru Jacket Available in 7 colours Brocade Nehru Jacket Available in Seven colours

A different Approach to Tailoring

-Just finished a consultation with a client which ended up taking a lot longer than the hour we had planned.The tweed 3 piece suit with leather button holes and leather pocket trims should be ready for my customer in just under one week.When he originally asked me if I could have a tailor made suit in under a week I think he thought he would get the stock answer of “No Way”.However thanks to our exceptionally innovative tailoring service we will have a beautiful cashmere tweed 3 piece ready by deadline day which is in 7 days,the day before the client performs some important duties at his sister’s wedding.Needless to say everything must be perfect and we will need the day’s grace to relieve the stress for the said Mister Keoghane and I.

contrast collar jacket

Patch Pockets and Contrast Burgandy collar.

Since tweed is such a popular look at the moment it is not unusual for clients to select from swatches that would have traditionally been intended for use as sports jackets.There is nothing wrong with selecting a heavier or thicker yarn for the rustic look but one might be advised to stay away from real heavyweights such as harris tweeds.Nevertheless if that is the look you desire we will be happy to make just about anything.Styles that are becoming more popular include the patch pocket and three button varieties as they are different and if you are going to the trouble of having a sartorial piece especially comisioned you might as well opt for something that stands out from the crowd!



Marlane Article 551209/20 Made to Measure from 450 Euro


Marlane Italian luxury fabric in style 04 with slanted side pockets

grey check wool

Double Ticket Slanted
Pocket Style is always popular

navy vitale barberis wedding suit

Vitale Barberis Navy Shown with button 65 and Notch lapel waistcoat. -849 Euro


Double Breasted Tollegno Italian wool in pinstripe pattern -599 Euro

Double Breasted Tollegno Italian wool in pinstripe pattern
-599 Euro

As the Christmas season approaches we have added some exciting new pieces to our made to measure collection. In association with our German business partner Wilvorst we will be showcasing these looks at some major fashion shows around the country in the next few months.As  well as the highly successful platinum range of bespoke cloths that have been on offer throughout the year we are adding 50 new cloths to prepare for the festive rush.Once again we can promise our customers, cloths, that are exclusively available at Tom Murphys and you can rest assured that our tailors will create something really special in fit,look and quality.

Everything we make can be done in single piece,two piece or three piece combinations Image shows Vitale Barberis Check jacket with navy slacks

Everything we make can be done in single piece,two piece or three piece combinations
Image shows Vitale Barberis Check jacket with navy slacks

The new cloths arrived in store a few days ago and represent the finest that Italian fabric houses can offer. Special adition cloths by Zegna, Marlane, Marzotto and Vitale barberis can be viewed by prior appointment with one of our tailoring team. For a catalogue showcasing some of these new cloths simply pick up the phone and order one and we will have it out to you by post the next day.

Watch out for some tasty classics such as the Tollegno colour 30 (dark navy) made up in a double breasted pin stripe and a very special double ticket pocket Zenga grey check.

grey check suit

Marlane Grey Check with single flap pocket
Article 554106/20
649 Euro

Marlane Article 551108/30 With overcoat

Marlane Article 551108/30
With overcoat

Prestige Wedding Suits by Tom Murphy

As the Autumn draws to a close and the Winter draws ever nearer we have decided to look back at some of the more unusual outfits that made their way into our groom swear collection over the Summer.In case any of you readers see an outfit that you like ,fear not, as everything in this collection will still be available until January 2016.As the name suggests the Prestige collection is all about splendid silky materials and stylish slim cuts,making it a range of wedding attire for the more adventurous among us


Nehru collar brocade jacket in a hybrid lenghth.Full outfit including accessories 749 Euro


Shiny silky textures with cermonial buttons make this a wedding suit with a difference.

Dark waistcoats in a different pattern to the suit

Dark waistcoats in a different pattern to the suit



Silk Anthracite suit with silver waistcoat and plastron with edging on the vest.Also available in reverse


navy tails

Navy Silk Tails with Silk Stripe Trousers.Available to order from 699 Euro

frock coat

Full Length Frock Coat with Collar and silk trousers and matching waistcoat.Exclusively available at Tom Murphys.





Gary Spike O Sullivan was the pride of Cork and Ireland as he landed a knockout blow to floor Melvin Beracourt and win the WBA NABA title in Boston a few weeks ago.Spike caused a sensation when he came out into the ring wearing a kilt supplied by none other than ours truly Tom Murphy Menswear.When he came into the shop he was kitted out in the full tartan works by Dermot who is our resident kilt expert.Between the two of them it was decided that the pride of Ireland was the most appropriate kilt for Spike to wear for the title fight(Only Dermot and Spike were privy to the fact that the kilt would actually be worn in the fight itself!).There was a buzz of excitement in the shop the day Spike came in and he was incredibly generous in posing for photographs with customers and staff alike.As to the fight itself the champ didn’t take long to despatch Beracourt-some four minutes to pulverise the hapless Central American and stake his claim to fight one of the big boys in world boxing.It is starting to look increasingly likely that Spike will be fighting either Andy Lee,Goloshny or Chis Eubank junior next.


Spike gets ready for war in his pride of Ireland kilt supplied by our Dermot



spike o sullivan in kilt

Spike floors his Melvin Beracourt with a knockout punch

Spike wearing his Pride Of Ireland Kilt supplied by Tom Murphy Menswear

Spike wearing his Pride Of Ireland Kilt supplied by Tom Murphy Menswear

How to Distinguish the Groom

People ask me every day of the week-“How do you distinguish the groom from the rest of the party”?.In the old days it was pretty straight forward when the groom wore a cravat and everyone else dressed in the same outfit with a tie.To say things have become a little nuanced in contemporary grooms wear is an understatement.Here in Tom Murphys we like to think we cover all the angles.Some of our grooms dress in a different color suit entirely or maybe opt for a waistcoat and tie/plastron in a different colour.(Please try not to listen to the ill advised words of salesmen in regular suit shops when they tell you cravats are a thing of the past-nothing could be further from the truth!).

after six suits

Groom and Best Man wearing different outfits from our After Six Collection.Groom in Navy 3 button Article 441200/35 and Best Man in Black one Button Article 452100/10


groom in dicky bow

Groom can wear a dicky bow and the best man/groomsmen wear ties.(All looks from our After Six Collection)

There are no rules
The only rule now is there are no rules.We are seeing more and more wedding parties where the suits are being mixed up ,with the groom going for something different from the rest of the party.In Ireland we are cautious by nature and we like to keep the colors similar and keep the connection strong between the main man and his teammates!If you fancy this you could go for a suit that is a similar color but maybe a bit bolder or more extravagant.The lads can have ties to match the bridesmaids and groom can turn to ivories/champagnes to acessorise his ensemble.We are seeing lots of parties with blue on the groom and a similar but slightly more subtle shade on the rest of the group.


Dark waistcoat and plastron on the groom and silvers on the lads to differentiate.Remember a nice wedding waistcoat helps make a suit look really special.


Continental Look
If you feel like being very brave and adventurous you could instruct the group to all wear different suits.It is becoming more common for the bridesmaids to mix and match so that option is there for the men too.It is not unusual at all on the continent for this.If you are doing this try to establish some kind of connection between the outfits.All the suits could come from the same collection by the one designer.Our Wilvorst suits come in Prestige,After Six and Tziacco collections so we would recommend choosing one to form the basis of your look.Our sales team are all formal wear experts and can really help and guide you.For more information or to book a consultation phone us now on 0214272401




Article 442100/26 in gunmetal grey and dazzling silver waistcoat.Available Ex Stock from Tom Murphys .Complete Outfit 699 Euro

!t’s all in the Lapels-Why not move away from traditional form and opt for a piece of contemporary,sartorial art.Lapels that are different are a way of distinguishing your groom’s suit from the multitudes.Beautiful,decorative piping and lapel trimmings will turn your suit into a once off masterpiece.Choose anything you want from notch lapels to narrow or wide peaks and add any color piping.Pockets can have the pockets trimmed to match as well.


Article 421101/31 Navy Silk Finish Custom Made at Tom Murphys.Full Outfit 729 Euro


Chocolate brown Article 421101/60.Full Outfit 699 Euro

Colorful Fun Waistcoats
The waistcoat is another detail which is so important to the overall look of a groom’s suit.Most of our suits come with a matching three piece option or a fancy style that is of a similar color.If the later is chosen it is recommended that the same color tone is used and our fabric sequences will help to make this choice easy.We expect more grooms to start opting for our color sequencing service as it makes the overall look more effective.

baby blue suit

Powder Blue Suit with matching waistcoat

Baby Blue Suit with matching waistcoat and french plastron.Price from 699 Euro

Baby Blue Suit with matching waistcoat and french plastron.Price from 699 Euro

Color trending and toning
We like to think of ourselves as Ireland’s leading wedding suit specialist store.It is one of the reasons why grooms travel from far and wide to shop for their wedding suits with us.As well as our fabrics and brands being just that bit better,we have a very scientific approach to color coordination and outfit selection.If you want to experience a taste of our holistic approach to wedding attire just pop us an email or make a booking via the appointment form on our website.

Wedding Suits with a difference
As Summer approaches we notice something wonderful in the world of grooms wear.Formal wear is back with a bang and more and more grooms are dressing up with pomp and cermony in mind.The fact that is,that it has become more common for a groom to dress differently to the rest of the party and this has given the main man more liberties with his own dress code.As a bridegroom’s suit is no longer constrained by the demands of the uniform look we expect this season to be full of colour,fun and intricate detailings.


Grandfather shirt,textured blue collared coat with midnight blue waistcoat and cravat


Do not settle for the ordinary,mundane suit.Look for something different.See the cermonial buttons and the decorative waistcoat and tie.


Classic suits need a lift.Choose something to style up a classic suit.Beautiful paisleys are back in vogue!

Wedding Suits with a difference
As readers of this blog will know we love to encourage our grooms to step outside the boundaries of conformity and be bold and experimental in their pursuit of sartorial perfection.Why not have ornamental buttons on the waistcoat and jacket.This gives a cermonial look to the suit and tells everyone that “this is no ordinary suit”.The waistcoat is another oportunity for adding some colour and gloss to the outfit.Paisleys,jaquards and diamante patterns in midnight blue,mochas and sparkling silvers raise a wedding suit to new levels.Ask for the waistcoat in  different styles too such as shawl collar,notch lapels or double breasted.Do not be afraid to ask for something different.Continental style plastrons and cravats are so nice and make a welcome differential from the homogonous three piece suit and generic tie.Whatever you do ,do not let a slick salesman talk you in to going for the uniform look (because this is all his/her store offers)as you are likely to see the same outfit on every groom in town.The problem that faces today’s groom is often down to the fact that ordinary menswear stores are trying to “muscle in” on the wedding suit scene as they percieve it to be easy money.These types of stores have little experience in the traditional focus of grooms wear and the choice on offer tends to be limited and lacking in imagination.




Do not settle for the ordinary.inside linings can be coordinated with neck pieces for extra extravagance

Let The Groom Stand Out
A huge amount of wedding parties are styling the groom in a different suit to the rest of the group.Formal wear specialists like ourselves can offer the best advice and help you to pick out the suit of your dreams.We will help to coordinate your look with the others by finding a reverse theme tie or waistcoat or we will come up with something imaginative.Just this morning we had two gay lads where one guy had a charcoal suit with silver waistcoat and the other had the same silver fabric done in a suit and the charcoal in a waistcoat.Juxtaposing styles,materials,colors and looks are our speciality and we take pride in offering something that is unique and different.


For the really adventurous choose a jaquard or paisley jacket